First of all, make sure you are using the latest version of Oculus software. MacBooks with built-in Bluetooth may not be supported. If you have an external Bluetooth controller that’s working fine, then there’s no reason to worry about this issue affecting your experience in VR.

The next thing would be to check if both the controller and the headset are paired and connected to the PC. If they’re not, please follow this guide: How to connect an Oculus Rift

Why is my Oculus quest controller not working??

If you have an Oculus Rift and a compatible Bluetooth controller, then your wireless Oculus Quest Controller should also work properly. If there’s nothing wrong with the actual headset, but the touchpad doesn’t respond on your controller, then it might be a matter of adjusting some settings or using a different version of software altogether. In case of any problems, you should try restarting your headset and controller. If they still don’t work, please contact Oculus support via their website or use this link

If it doesn’t work with your Quest either, then here are some things to check out:

– Make sure the controller is charged before using it

– Make sure it’s paired correctly

– Try using a different USB port on the headset.

– Try updating to latest Oculus version or reinstalling it completely

Why is my Oculus touch controller not working?

It’s likely that your controllers are not turned on completely, if they’re not paired. This is especially true for Quest Controllers, which need to be plugged into the headset in order to work. If the controller is not connected, then it won’t be able to connect with your PC either.

First of all, make sure your touch controllers are turned on completely (via the power button). Then, check if they’re paired with your device or not. Press and hold the Oculus button for a few seconds, until it starts to flash. Then, go to Oculus Home and follow the on-screen steps. If they’re still not working after that, then there may be some other settings you need to adjust through Oculus software or controller drivers.

If all of the above seems OK, but you can’t get any response from your touchpad either way, then you might be using a wrong version of the Oculus software. Check out the system requirements for your headset and input device to start from there:

Oculus Rift: Minimum System Requirements

Oculus Quest: Minimum System Requirements

Why does my Oculus keep loading?

If your device is not responding at all, it might be stuck in loading mode. If this is the case, you’ll see a circular Oculus logo on the display of your headset. First thing to do would be to try unplugging and re-plugging your PC back into power or checking if there’s no error with the USB ports.

Why is my Oculus quest controller not turning on?

There might be two reasons for this. First of all, make sure that all your devices are charged. Charging your battery fully before using it can prevent such problems from happening in the future as well. If the controller is still not turning on, there might be something wrong with its hardware and you should contact Oculus support.

Why is my Oculus touch tracking drifting?

Oculus Touch controllers use external infrared trackers to follow their location in space. These sensors are crucial for precise tracking inside the virtual world. Ironically, they can sometimes cause drift because of their design and positioning. This is why it could be helpful to make use of the latest Oculus software update (version 1.39+) which introduces additional sensitivity options for Touch controllers alongside other general adjustments for its best tracking performance.

If your Oculus Rift or Quest Controllers still don’t work, then it’s possible that there are some other problems with their hardware. Please contact Oculus support for further assistance.

Why is my Oculus Rift only showing one controller?

Oculus Touch controllers are used as a replacement for traditional gamepads on the Rift. The system works by projecting gamepad controls onto the touch controllers so that you can see them in virtual space. If these projections disappear or aren’t showing up at all, then it could be due to some of the following reasons:

– Hardware problem (your Oculus Touch might be broken)

– Your PC isn’t properly recognizing your Oculus Rift

– You’re trying to use a three-sensor setup on your PC

Why does my Oculus quest keep losing track?

If you’re using a three-sensor setup, make sure you are not trying to map gamepad controls onto touch controllers. Instead, you should be using front-facing sensors for this purpose. If your PC is having problems with recognizing your Rift, then try switching USB ports or uninstalling and reinstalling the Oculus software. If it still doesn’t work, then contact Oculus support for further assistance.

Why does my Oculus Rift say no signal?

If you’re running your headset and controller setup on a laptop or other mobile device, make sure to plug the HDMI cable into an external monitor output, not directly into the PC’s port. If your monitor is running out of display space (it should show the desktop first), then you should go into its settings and select ‘Extend These Displays.

If it’s still not working, unplug your laptop from power, plug everything back in and restart your PC. This should solve the problem.

Why does my Oculus Rift suddenly shut down?

The Oculus software has a built-in safety feature to shut itself down before overheating. If you are playing an intense game on your PC for too long, the Oculus system will notify you with a message asking whether you want it to continue running or not. If there’s no response, then it will automatically shut itself down. This is a safety measure to protect your hardware from getting damaged.

Why doesn’t my PC recognize my Oculus Rift?

If you have already checked whether your USB ports are working properly and set everything up correctly, there might be something wrong with the installation of relevant drivers on your PC. In order to solve this problem, you will need to uninstall and reinstall the Oculus software and its relevant drivers.

Why is my Touch controller not working?

Unfortunately, there can be various problems with your hardware that might cause this problem to occur. First of all, try unplugging and plugging back in the power cable for batteries. This should make any errors show up right away (if they are not hardware issues). If it doesn’t work, then you will need to check if your Touch controllers are in pairing mode. To do this, press the Oculus button on one controller and the Home button on the other for about 10 seconds until their respective LEDs start flashing.

How do you soft reset oculus?

Over your Oculus Touch controller in front of the sensor and check if it recognizes it. However, if the software says that multiple controllers have been connected, then you should try to just disconnect them and reconnect them one by one. If this still doesn’t solve your problem, then you will need to contact Oculus support for further assistance.

How do I reset my Oculus 2 controller?

If you want to make sure that both Touch controllers are recognized, press the Oculus button on one controller and the Home button on the other, but keep them in front of your sensors. If there’s no response, then try using a different USB port (or even another USB cable).

Why does my Rift say there is an unidentified display?

Your Rift might be trying to connect to an external display instead of your VR headset, so make sure you are using the correct HDMI port. If it says something about unrecognized displays on your PC, then go into the settings of your PC and try changing between ‘Extend these Displays’ and ‘Mirror Displays’.

Why can’t I see anything when using my Rift?

If you’re seeing a black screen, then make sure that your display is turned on and that it is in the correct HDMI port (usually the one directly in front of your PC ). If it still doesn’t work, try plugging in another headset or monitor to see whether everything is working properly. If the other monitor works, then it might be your Rift that is faulty. If you have tried restarting your PC, removing and re-installing the Oculus software, and updating its display drivers a couple of times, but everything still doesn’t work, then please contact Oculus support for further assistance.

Why does my VR headset feel hot?

There are many different reasons why your VR headset feels hotter than usual. First of all, check if the fans on your Rift are turned off. If they aren’t, then make sure that they aren’t covered up by anything and that you have cleaned them properly. Also, try making sure that there’s enough ventilation around your VR headset so that the air can circulate properly.

Why does my Touch controller vibrate?

If you want to make sure that your Touch controllers aren’t experiencing any software problems, then try using a different USB cable and port (or even another USB device). If this doesn’t solve the problem, then it might be due to some hardware malfunctioning of your controllers.

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