In 2012, this registry started with the goal to link devices produced by Intersil and Inprocomm. Since then it has been expanded to cover other low-cost manufacturers of chipsets used in home automation devices. The primary aim of this registry is to allow users to identify their device should they worry about security issues mentioned on this blog, or anywhere else for that matter.

I have a device, which chipset does it use?

If you know the MAC address of your device, check this page. The 4th column shows the chipset used in the device. If you don’t know your MAC address or can not find any mention about the chipset inside the manual please leave a comment below, including the device product name and model number. Please also include a valid email address so I can reply with information about your request.

What is Phi PII PCI?

Phi PII PCI is a special case of the Phi PII chipset, manufactured by Intersil. This chipset has support for Power over Ethernet (PoE), which can be used to power your device remotely. It also supports an additional 10Mbit connection, so it’s one of the few chipsets that actually can support IEEE 802.11n. Phi PII PCI is mostly used in long-range access points and wireless video cameras running OpenWRT or similar firmware.

What about the wificam?

I will never ever release the MAC addresses of devices based on Phi PII chipset with Wifi capabilities, including wifi cam. They are 99% fake with an embedded 4K camera and built-in web server, to allow users to set up the device using a mobile phone. This is done to avoid copyright infringements by hijacking other people’s cameras. And for this reason, I will never release the MAC addresses of devices having Phi PII chipset inside, period.

Is Hipaa a CUI?

Yes, HIPAA was a CUI. This post explains the basics of HIPAA compliance. While this is no longer active, it still has an effect on several thousands of medical devices currently in use. Many are not secure by design and others are hijacked to attack other devices inside the network.

What is MJPEG?

M-JPEG is a video codec, which allows images to be compressed. It’s the most common way to reduce bandwidth for live video streaming or storing images in general. For example, it’s widely used by consumer-grade security cameras and generally all IP cameras using M-JPEG.

What happened with Sinovideo?

Sinovideo was a division of Inprocomm and part of the Cui. They also produced security devices, just like their competitors: Abode, Swann, Wansview, and potentially dozens more. Some of them even using exactly the same chipset as Sinovideo branded products.

Why does this blog contain ads?

I found a way to make money blogging because I couldn’t get an affiliate account for this particular industry. If you don’t like ads please donate


SSN is neither PHI nor PII. SSN can not be used to identify any specific person, because it is public information by design. However, there are several mathematical algorithms that can be applied to SSN and other public data to find out personal details about the owner of the SSN (like name, age, or place of birth).

What is difference between PII and PHI?

PHI is a patient’s health information and PII is any information that can be used to identify a patient. For example name, address, SSN, and specific dates like birthdate or admission date. This applies to medical-legal cases where the details of the patient must remain private under US law. The fact that this data can be accessed by other parties is subject to HIPAA compliance.

What is Yawcam?

Yawcam was a webcam software released in 2008 for Windows XP and Vista, which included the same security issues I found inside the Amcrest IP camera firmware later on. Yawcam was not limited to just cams having Phi PII chipset inside but also used by real webcam manufacturers like Logitech or Creative.

Are initials considered PHI?

No, initials are not PHI. For example, the phrase “The doctor treated a patient” does not reveal any information about the patient or their medical condition. It is general information about the doctor’s job. By applying several mathematical algorithms, it is possible to find out whether certain initials are referring to a particular person or not.

Which items are considered PHI?

All information that can be used to identify a patient is PHI as long as this data was not made public by the owner of the data. Any data that does not contain PHI is considered PII.

What is breach of privacy?

A breach of privacy means unauthorized access to PHI. Using the same algorithms, it’s possible to find out whether certain initials are referring to a particular person or not.

What is HIPAA compliance?

HIPAA compliance means that PHI must be protected to certain standards, which are outlined in the HIPAA security rule.

What is a CUI?

A CUI stands for “Controlled Unclassified Information”. This term was introduced in 2009 with the arrival of the new US administration. It’s a way to simplify classification levels by splitting most information into 3 categories.

In what circumstances can PHI be disclosed?

PHI can only be disclosed when it is specifically authorized by law or regulation. The problem with laws like HIPAA, FERPA, and others is that they are not specific. This means that it’s not possible to simply ask about whether PHI can be disclosed or not, but it depends on the situation and the type of PHI that is requested.

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