Use baking soda, vinegar, lemon juice, and molasses to clean your boat.

You can use those ingredients as a cleaner because none of those substances will harm the water or wildlife in any way. For example, if you put baking soda and vinegar together they heat up and create carbon dioxide gas which helps cut through grease and grime much better than soap and water. The lemon juice is acidic and it will help cut grease, the molasses helps attract dirt from porous surfaces.

What is good for cleaning your vessel Boat Ed?

Boat Ed has been trying out a new cleaning product from the “Mighty Bubbles” company, and he is also mixing in his own secret ingredient – salt. non-phosphate products are recommended to help keep water clean. It includes hydrogen peroxide to help break down the bio-film and algae stains.

How do you get baking soda, vinegar, lemon juice and molasses inside the boat?

Baking Soda, Vinegar, Lemon Juice and Molasses can be used for household cleaning because they are not harmful to the environment. They should not harm your plants or fish either. You can use them by mixing them together to make a cleaning solution, or you could put them into a spray bottle and spray it directly onto the surface that needs to be cleaned.

What is good for cleaning your vessel?

hydrogen peroxide is the best because its an enzyme that eats through organic matter. You can get it from any drug store or grocery store in the health care section. Put it in a spray bottle and coat your boat with it, let it sit for 10 mins, then pressure wash everything off really well.

Who has responsibility for avoiding other boats and hazards??

The skipper or captain of each boat at all times. He is the one responsible for avoiding other boats and hazards. Although he can delegate authority to someone else, he cannot absolve himself from responsibility. If you are not the skipper of the boat, follow the directions given by him.

Which product is a good choice for cleaning your pleasure craft?

You should use hydrogen peroxide and non-phosphate products to clean your pleasure craft or any watercraft because those will not hurt the environment. Also, avoid using bleach and ammonia which kill off aquatic life like fish and plant life.

What does the good design of a boat do?

The good design of a boat is important for such a big structure. The hull should be able to distribute the weight of the boat to give stability. Also, it should be able to prevent water from flowing in and out.

What causes the most collisions on water?

Most collisions on the water are caused by ignorance or inattention.

What should you do to avoid collisions with other vessels?

You should communicate with other skippers using visual signals to avoid collisions with other vessels. If the vessel you are approaching does not have a visible number, name or flag then sound your horn three times before passing them.

What types of numbers should be on a vessel?

The vessel number should be displayed in the forward part of the hull and it should be no more than six feet above the water. It should also be either red or green and should be one and three meters tall. The name of your boat can be up to 12 inches high and needs to be on the forward part of the hull. The flag should be no less than two feet by three feet and it needs to be at least 1/3 the height of your boat.

What are navigational lights used for?

Navigational lights are used to keep other boats off course that could hit you because not everyone knows what kind of boat they are approaching. The lights can be used to show other boats where you are headed, the right of way that you have over them and also what direction you are coming from.

What is a proper lookout during periods of restricted visibility?

When there is reduced visibility due to fog, darkness or any weather conditions, the skipper needs to make sure that he has a proper look out by using radar, calling others on the radio, or shining his lights off to the side of the boat.

What is the difference between commercial vessels and pleasure craft?

Commercial boats are much larger than pleasure craft because they have much larger cargo. Commercial boats also need to keep to schedules so that they can deliver their cargo on time. Pleasure crafts is much smaller and they also have the freedom to take a different route if it is more convenient or shorter.

What kinds of lights should you use around your boat?

In order to navigate safely, you need to use navigational lights in all weather conditions even when you do not need them for other vessels to see your boat. For example, if you are anchored in a bay and the water is calm, you only need a white light on the starboard side to show where you are heading.

What happens when there is low visibility?

When there is low visibility such as darkness or fog, it becomes much harder to navigate boats. If you are out in the ocean or on a larger lake, you need to make sure that there is someone in the engine room at all times.

What will happen if you light up your life jackets?

If your life jacket lights up when they get wet, it will make it easier for rescuers to spot you. You should be able to turn on the lights by pulling down on a tab and holding it for 10 seconds.

When is the proper time to sound your horn?

The proper time to sound your horn is when you need to warn other boats of your approach or they might get hit by you if they do not know where you are headed. You should also use your horn when you are trying to pass another vessel.

How big should the flag on your boat be?

The flag on your boat needs to be no less than two feet by three feet and it needs to be at least 1/3 the height of your boat. The height of your boat can range anywhere from 13-156ft long so you want to make sure that you are using a flag that is big enough.

What kind of lights should you use on your boat?

It does not matter what kind of lights you use as long as they can be seen by other boats and there is at least one white light shining in the direction that your boat is heading.

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