SkyDoesMinecraft recently called it quits with his wife, Alesa. The cry was the first to report this on Apr 19th, 2014. They had been separated for some time prior to this, and Sky has since moved out of their shared home. Before I continue let me make this clear: This is not a tale of infidelity, but rather a tale of divorce. Sky and Alesa are both at fault for the collapse of their marriage, and neither is innocent nor without sin.

What happened with SkyDoesMinecraft?

The final straw with Sky and Alesa was a fight over an animal. It’s been said by those close to the couple that they were fighting regularly, but this time it reached its breaking point. In this fight, Alesa had apparently attacked Sky with a knife, and he called the police at which point she took their pet pig “Pig” and fled the home they shared. The pig was returned, but Alesa had already decided that she was done playing nice.

Did SkyDoesMinecraft quit?

The sky had planned on quitting Minecraft before, back in March he aimed to stop playing the game that made him famous. However, his fans rallied behind him and convinced him to stick with it. This time, however, he decided to quit for realzies… And started putting out vlogs about it soon after.

Why YouTubers are quitting?

The internet is changing, and people are less interested in long-drawn-out videos from charismatic personalities. Especially when they’re not bringing home the bacon… and Sky and others aren’t. He said as much in his final thoughts:

“Internet personalities aren’t as popular as they used to be, I’m not saying I am the most popular one out there but I was at one point.”… “I don’t care what you do in life, just make sure its worth watching because people will judge it.”

What’s next for Sky?

The divorce is still ongoing. Reports say that Alesa is coming out on top, with most of his earnings from YouTube going directly to her. However, it is unclear whether he will start a new channel or simply retire from public life altogether.

Why did SSundee quit Minecraft??

SSundee recently posted his final thoughts on the game that made him popular 3 months ago. The post was in response to a fan who asked if he planned on quitting, however, it’s clear from the posting that SSundee has not been enjoying Minecraft for some time. This is what he had to say:

“I would love to quit, I don’t have the time to play like I used to and it’s not as fun anymore. It seems like all my favorite YouTubers and people on the server have quit (sic).”

What will SSundee do now?

No one can say for sure what is next for SSundee however several reports point to a potential new channel. It was suggested that he may create a dedicated gaming box or go back to his roots with a content creation tool such as OBS.

What happened to iHasCupquake and PraiseTheSun?

After leaving Sky’s server, Cupquake went on to join the Mindcrack server and build her own spawn village. However, she had a falling out with the group and left, later joining Vechs’ skyblock server; Infidel. After this, however, it seems as if she had lost interest in Minecraft completely as her channel shows no further activity since.

PraiseTheSun on the other hand decided to take a break from MC after Sky, but he returned only to have his channel fade into obscurity. He hasn’t uploaded since March 6th 2014.

Why did PopularMMOs quit Minecraft?

PopularMMO’s was the first of Sky’s community to leave, moving onto other games such as Realm of The Mad God and Clash of Clans in early January 2014.

Will PopularMMO’s return to Minecraft?

Like many others, it seems unlikely. He stated in a farewell video that he doesn’t think he will play the game for a while if at all and has since made no attempt to come back.

What happened with Bajan Canadian and JeromeASF?

After leaving Sky’s server and returning to his own, Bajan went on to join Team Crafted. However he left shortly after and has since started a new series on Clash of Clans under the name: Bajan Canadian . It is unclear where JeromeASF is at present, but it’s safe to say that he too will not return to Minecraft anytime soon.

What happened to TheSyndicateProject?

Along with SSundee, Syndicate left Minecraft all together, moving onto other games like Grand Theft Auto and DayZ. Unfortunately due to copyright issues (or perhaps exhaustion) his channel has since gone dark.

Is Stampy still making Minecraft Videos??

Yes, however, the once-weekly upload of episodes is now more sporadic. He has also begun to increase his video production, bringing Minecraft videos down in favor of content for other games such as Happy Wheels and Terraria.

Is DanTDM still playing Minecraft?

Yes, Dan has continued to do what he does best; mine blocks and tell you about it. His obsession with the game is well documented, and he continues to play with other YouTubers such as AmyLee33 and Lord Bergen.

Is DanTDM still making Minecraft Videos?

Dan has continued to make Minecraft videos however they are not considered part of his main channel; TheDiamondMinecart. His channel now focuses on a variety of different games and is the second most subscribed channel on YouTube.

Is Stampy still making Minecraft Videos?

Yes, however, the once-weekly upload of episodes is now more sporadic. He has also begun to increase his video production, bringing Minecraft videos down in favor of content for other games such as Happy Wheels and Terraria.

How do I get into Minecraft?

This is a common question among newcomers. Unfortunately, there is no simple answer, however, I suggest sticking around for the next post in my series which will give you some tips on how best to get started.

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