What gift cards do they sell at HEB? Many folks have received a gift card to HEB, H-E-B or Central Market for Christmas. If you are anything like me then the chances that you do not regularly shop at H-E-B is lower than the person who spills hot chocolate on themselves before they get their drink order in … okay maybe it’s about equal. Well, I was very excited when I received multiple H-E-B gift cards in the mail because one of my best friends lives in Texas and is always trying to convince me that HEB has better stuff.  When will she realize that she’s just wrong?  (No offense to Texans)

Anyhow, since I’m not a routine HEB shopper I decided to take to the Internet for some inspiration on what gift cards are good gifts.  I found this list at Texasmonthly.com, which is pretty neat because it’s got even more ideas than I could come up with.  I shared it on my Facebook page yesterday and so far everyone seems to be digging it.  So here you go!

HEB Minis

I love these things. They are an easy, inexpensive way to try new flavors without committing to a larger jar of salsa or bottle of hot sauce. The ingredients are fresh and the portion sizes are just right – not too much to finish in a week, but plenty if you’re sharing with friends. If you buy a jar of something that you don’t particularly like, these mini-versions are perfect for using as test samples.

HEB Mixers

Drinks and snacks make great gifts, too. If you like to throw parties or if your recipient likes to entertain, some of the best items for gifting are those that help make hosting easier.

Does Dollar General sell Chick Fil A gift cards?

According to the Dollar General website, they do not. However, if you do a quick search on Coupon Sherpa , you can find Chick Fil A gift cards for $15 or $25 . There are even some money saving offers included in the mix! Of course, make sure to double-check with your local store before making any purchases.

Can you put American express gift cards on layaway at Walmart?

American express gift cards on layaway at Walmart
Yes, most large retail stores like Walmart or KMart will accept American Express. However, you will probably have to go to customer service and be willing to pay a small fee for doing so. Can you use food stamps at Walmart?

Yes, but only for specific items such as milk or cheese or bread. The problem at Walmart is that while people want cheap products, they also want cheap prices; and the two don’t necessarily go hand-in-hand. So it pays to do some research before you go shopping.

Is there a limit on how many gift cards I can have at CVS?

CVS does not limit the number of gift cards you can purchase, but they do put limits on how much money is spent with each transaction (a maximum of $2000). The daily purchase limit is also based on your frequency of shopping at CVS. The more often you shop, the higher the limit. Here are some other facts to keep in mind regarding gift cards at CVS:

1. CVS does not accept American Express for the purchase of gift cards.

2. Before buying gift cards for yourself, ask the cashier how much you can spend with each transaction. You do not want to spend more than $2000 in one day – even if it is possible.

3. If you are buying gift cards with your ExtraCare card , double-check that the PIN number is valid before swiping it at the register.

Can I buy a gift card with a credit card at Dollar General?

Yes, if you have a credit card. You should also know that there is a cash back limit of $200 per transaction/day for all cards except the American Express Gift Card.

How do I buy a gift card with a check at Walmart?

Walmart no longer accepts personal checks as a form of payment for gift cards – even if they are printed out at home.

Can I use gift cards to buy gift cards at CVS?

No, gift cards cannot be used to purchase other gift cards. You can only spend the original gift card balance for your purchases, unless you have an ExtraCare card that offers a rebate on certain transactions (gift card purchases.)

Can you buy a gift card with a credit card at Home Depot?

Yes, you can buy a Home Depot gift card with your credit card. However, there is a $250 limit per transaction and no more than $2000 total in gift cards purchased per day.

How do I buy a gift card at Giant Eagle?

Giant Eagle allows customers to purchase gift cards that can be used for gas or free groceries. They also allow you to purchase their own branded gift cards, which can be used anywhere in the US.

Do-Rite Aid stores sell Sam’s Club gift cards?

No, Rite Aid does not offer its own Sam’s Club cards or any other general-purpose prepaid cards that can be used at multiple locations. Rite Aid is a retail store for drug and related products. You can purchase gift cards for restaurants, movie theaters, and even other retail stores at Rite Aid such as Target or Wal-Mart.

How do I use a gift card to buy gas at Sheetz?

Shazam! Sheetz operates like a standard convenience store where you have the option to purchase gas, food, and other sundries. You use your gift card to pay for the cost of the gas you pump, but you have to pay for all of your purchases in cash or with a debit credit card.

Can you buy Walmart gift cards at Save-a-Lot?

No, Save-and-Lot does not carry any Walmart gift cards.

Can you buy gas with a gift card at Speedway?

Yes, you can purchase fuel with your Speedway gift card. However, there is an $8 minimum on all transactions and no more than $1500 total in gift cards purchased per day.

What gift cards does Home Depot have?

Home Depot offers the following gift cards:

1. American Express Gift Cards, MasterCard, VISA, and Merchandise Credit Cards are accepted for payment of all gift cards except eGiftCards.

2. You can purchase up to $2000 in Gift Cards per day at Home Depot.

3. The PIN number is invalid on the American Express Gift Card. You must swipe this as credit for a purchase.

4. Home Depot also offers a Rewards Program called ProPoints, where you earn 1 point per dollar spent and get exclusive deals and coupons on your birthday and holiday gifts.

5. Home Depot does not allow online purchases of their gift cards, but you can buy all types of gift cards in-store.

Can I buy a prepaid payment card with a credit card at Kmart?

No, you cannot purchase any type of prepaid card with your credit card at Kmart. You must use cash or debit to make these purchases.

How do I buy a gift card for my child’s school fundraiser at Giant Eagle?

You can purchase gift cards for your child’s school fundraiser at Giant Eagle by using cash, debit, or EBT. You cannot use other gift cards to pay for these fundraisers.

Can you buy a gift card with a credit card at Speedway?

No, credit cards are not accepted as payment on gift cards at Speedway. You must use cash or debit when purchasing gift cards.

Where can I buy a Walmart gift card?

Walmart offers many options when it comes to buying their gift cards: in-store, online with PayPal, in the catalog, by phone through Sam’s Club, or by text. If you do not want physical plastic cards delivered to your mailbox, you can have the cards e-mailed to you as an eGift.

How much does u-haul charge per mile?

Can I check my subway card balance?

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