Hwy is actually the abbreviation for Highway and is used when describing a location. Whereas, on Snapchat, it is used to say “how were you”.

What does FN mean in Snapchat?

FN means Fine, Normal or All good. Basically it is used when you are doing nothing extraordinary or not upset.

What does ICYMI mean in Snapchat?

ICYMI stands for In Case You Missed It and is used when someone posts something that you may have missed in your Snapchat Story or News Feed. Usually ICYMI is used in a news story about something really funny, sad or exciting. You can use it when you post something interesting that happened in your life.

  What does TBT mean in Snapchat?

TBT stands for Throwback Thursday and is used when you post a picture of yourself from like 5 years ago to reminisce or say something funny.

What does LMIRL mean in Snapchat?

LMIRL stands for Let’s Meet In Real Life and is used when you want to meet up with someone in person. Usually LMIRL is used by people who have just started talking and want to meet in person and date soon.

What does 420 mean in Snapchat?

420 means Marijuana and is used either for smoking weed or just joking around. You can also use it in a story when you are hanging out with friends or for asking for weed.

What does JK mean in Snapchat?

JK stands for Just Kidding and is used when you say something that isn’t true or just want to play a joke on someone.

What does JSYK mean in Snapchat?

JSYK means Just So You Know and is used when you want to inform someone about something. For example, you could use JSYK when inviting a friend to an event or making plans with them.

What does LMK mean in Snapchat?

LMK stands for Let Me Know and is used when you want someone to reply to something you said or vice versa.

What does K or KK mean in Snapchat?

KK stands for Okay, Kiss or Kiss Kiss and is used when you want to either get a kiss from someone or just say goodbye.

What does IDK mean in Snapchat?

IDK stands for I Don’t Know and is used when you don’t know something or when someone asks you a question that you can’t answer.

What does G2G mean in Snapchat?

G2G stands for Got To Go and is used when you have to leave. It is also seriously overused.

What does TTYL mean in Snapchat?

TTYL means Talk To You Later and is used as a substitute for G2G. It is also seriously overused.

What does BS or BSFW mean in Snapchat?

BS means Bull Shit and is used when someone is being fake or lying. BSFW means Bull Sh** For Work and is used when you are pretending to be busy at work or you are telling someone that your company is working on something that isn’t true.

What does F or F4F mean in Snapchat?

F means Fuck and is used when someone has done something wrong to you or that person offends you. F4F means Finally Found For You and is used when someone posts something on your story that they found after looking for a long time.

What does TMI mean in Snapchat?

TMI means Too Much Information and is used when someone posts something that other people might find offensive. It is also used when you share too many details of something or your personal life.

What does IMHO mean in Snapchat?

IMHO stands for In My Honest Opinion and is usually used when you want to give your opinion or share something that has happened.

What does SJW mean in Snapchat?

SJW means Social Justice Warrior and is used when someone speaks over the top about social justice issues. People who use this term are often against this kind of behavior.

What does YOLO mean in Snapchat?

YOLO stands for You Only Live Once and is used when you want to take a risk or do something crazy.

What does SMH mean in Snapchat?

SMH stands for Shake My Head and is used when you are extremely disappointed in the actions of someone else.

What does FML mean in Snapchat?

FML stands for F*ck My Life and is used when something really bad or stressful happens. It can also be used when you are joking with someone.

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