On Snapchat and all the other social networks, you might come across this acronym: DW. But what does it mean?

DW is short for don’t worry. It’s a way of saying: I understand you and your concerns. But really, don’t worry! And this is exactly what we want. We want people to feel comfortable and happy with us and we think we can help them by removing some of their uncertainty.

What does DW mean on social media?

DW on social media means doesn’t worry, basically. It’s used to calm people down or to tell them not to worry about something. Have you ever sent a WhatsApp message to someone asking if they’re okay? Well DW is just like that. Instead of saying “are you okay?”, it’s easier and quicker just to type ‘DW’.

What does DW mean in Urban Dictionary?

The most popular meaning of DW on Urban Dictionary is don’t worry. This, again, is the same as the other meanings we’ve explained above. This definition came from a foreign person who was learning English and this is how they interpreted don’t worry. So it’s not American but also not British! While DW does come from America, as we said above, the most common way of using it is in chat rooms. So if you have ever used DW to calm someone down or ask them not to worry, this was another foreigner who never had lessons on how to use slang properly.

The other meaning for DW is Dwayne Wade. This definition came from a person who must have loved basketball because they gave us such a long and detailed explanation of who Dwayne Wade is and what he does. It’s basically just someone famous for playing basketball, but we’ll let you check it out yourself to get all the details.

What does DW mean in texting?

Finally, we have D W which means Don’t worry. This meaning of DW is probably the most used. In fact, you might even find meanings of DW that don’t make sense to you because they come from people who speak a different language or live in a different country than yours.

Dw is an abbreviation for DreadWash (or dreadlock wash).

DW can also mean Desmond Wolfe.

DW can even mean Dwayne Woodruff.

Fortunately, for those of us who speak English and live in America, we mostly use DW as an abbreviation for don’t worry or don’t worry. You can always check Urban Dictionary to see if there’s another meaning you might be unfamiliar with! And the next time your friend sends you a Snapchat asking you if you’re okay, just reply ‘DW’!

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