Many players of Final Fantasy X have encountered the white Chocobo that is trapped in the island cave. What most of them don’t know though is what it does when you bring him green blossoms and sing for him.

First, how do you get the green blossoms? You have to go to the Remiem temple located at the Calm lands near the Chocobo training area. What you do is race the two Chocobos on the right and left so you can get Aeon’s if your party doesn’t already have them.

On top of that, don’t forget to pray at the Remix temple using the cactuar stones. What you do is buy 10x Chocobo wings for 9900 Gil from the trainer at the Chocobo training area on the calm lands and then after, go to Remiem temple. What you do is place three cactuars stones each in front of each Aeon’s door near the circular room.

What you can also get is a gold Chocobo from this guy. What does a golden Chocobo do? It’s very special! What does a golden Chocobo do? These types of birds are the best at finding treasures and items in the world of final fantasy x.

What can I buy with silver Chocobo feathers?

At the Chocobo training area on the calm lands, there is a trainer that will sell you items. What you need to do is race him until your Chocobo wins 3 races.

What do silver Chocobo feathers do?

What they do is allow you to find treasures and items easier than ever before! What you can also get from the green and white Chocobo as well as a challenge from white if you give him his favorite treat, is a secret GF called Chocobo, who will come to your aid in battle by casting an offensive spell against your foes.

Silver Chocobo feathers are the third tier of Chocobo, and these monsters can be tamed by feeding them golden or green, or red Chocobo items (Chocographs) found in treasure chests all over the world. To ride a silver Chocobo, give it a Kogarasumaru, a weapon for Dagger.

How do I get Amber Draught chocobo?

To get amber draught chocobos, you must give the breeding farm worker your best Boko (captain carrot) and breed it with a female. What this does is make one of three chocobos; blue, green, or gold.

The color of the baby depends on the color of the other parent so if you breed a blue chocobo with another blue chocobo, the baby will be green.

What do amber draught chocobo do?

They’re really good at finding treasures and items!

How do you get Twintania Mount Ffxiv?

After beating the twintania mount rfd you’ll get a quest to get a chocobo from warth. What you do is go to the forest and talk with warth he will take your chocobo and give you a new one in return. What does twintania mount do? It’s special ability heals party members HP after every few steps.

How do I recruit a friend Ffxiv?

After getting the airship, go to missions 8-4. What you do is go down and talk with the boy who will give you a Chocobo summon. If your party members don’t have it yet, he’ll happily give them one as well.

Where do I put my recruitment code Ffxiv?

When you unlock a new level of Chocobo, go back to the farm and talk with the man in front of the Chocobo ranch. He will tell you what color your next Chocobo will be.

Where do I get a Black Chocobo FFX?

To get a black Chocobo simply beat the game with all 6 Chocobo levels unlocked. You’ll get a new summon for the black Chocobo which will allow you to travel through mountains and oceans.

How do I download Ffxiv?

Once you have beaten the game, go to the calm land with a golden Chocobo. What do silver Chocobo feathers do? Look for a cave that is hidden beside two trees and go in it. Inside will be Odin who will attack you when you come close enough. Once defeated, he’ll offer to join your party and become a GF.

How long does it take for your Chocobo to hatch in FFX?

To get a new Chocobo you need to wait three days. What do silver Chocobo feathers do? You can speed up the process by staying at the stables and sleeping or by feeding your Chocobo gysahl greens.

How many generations of Chocobos are available in FFX?

There are 6 generations of Chocobo. What do silver Chocobo feathers do? Each one gets better at finding items, has more stamina on the field and can fly higher in the air.

How long does it take to level up your Chocobo Ffxiv?

It takes about 2 hours to get on average between 1-5 levels. What do Chocobo feathers do? This depends on the race of the bird and what you feed it.

How long does it take to breed a blue Chocobo in Ffxiv?

It takes about 10 minutes to get a blue Chocobo when you don’t have any races unlocked yet.

How expensive is ff14?

It takes about 1 day to unlock all Chocobo stages. What do silver Chocobo feathers do? It costs around $5 if you only buy the game itself and it’s expansions.

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