SEO helps in reaching out to online users and helps in gaining more audiences for your product. The major reason behind the success of every website is its ranking on any of the search engine platforms like Google, Yahoo or Bing, etc. As we all know that there are nearly 2 trillion searches performed every day worldwide and hence it becomes very important for each and every website to rank on the search engine page. Your main motive behind creating a website should be to boost your online business and for that, you need SEO services.

What does SEO do?

SEO is very effective in bringing traffic to your site and will help in giving instant positive results. When we talk about SEO, it is a process of promoting a website’s rank on the search engine page, which ultimately helps in gaining more customers for your products or services. Today almost every person who is having an Android phone or tablet uses Google as their default search engine to find anything they want. Hence there is no option but to be on the first page of Google and if you are not there then nobody will visit your site.

Why should I hire SEO services?

Hiring a credible company for your SEO needs is very important as it can help in making your brand more popular and well-known among online users. These companies have a team of professionals who look into all the ranking factors and accordingly update the website accordingly. These professionals also take the necessary steps to increase your brand’s value and credibility among the search engines. They will always keep track of all the changes that are being brought by Google, Yahoo, or Bing, and accordingly, they will optimize your site so it can gain a better position in search results while searching for a particular product or service.

What are the factors that influence SEO?

There are several factors that play important role in influencing SEO and some of them include-

Content: An effective, user-friendly, and unique content is always considered as an added advantage as it makes your website more credible. It also keeps your audience glued to your site and encourages them to come again and again.

Authority: Your site should build authority and credibility among the search engines as it will give you a better ranking position and also brings more traffic to your website.

Links: Links that come from other sites which are already considered as an authority, play a major role in increasing your site’s value and rank and bring more organic traffic on your site.

Mobile compatibility: It is very essential for a website to be mobile compatible as it gives good visibility on all the devices including tablets and phones.

Proper navigation map: Navigation map of your site should be user-friendly so that users are not required to go through each page to find what they are looking for. This will make them come back to your site for more.

Social media presence: It is very important that you should be present on social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, etc. This will give you better visibility among the online users and help in bringing more traffic to your site.

Proper indexing of the website by Google: When we say proper indexing it means that Google should be able to find your site when anybody types in a particular keyword. This is very important for the easy navigation of users on your site.

Proper architecture: It is very essential that you need to have proper architecture so that the indexing of the website by search engines becomes easier and hence you can get a higher ranking.

Proper site map: A good site map is needed to be submitted on the website so that it becomes easier for Google bot to crawl your website and eventually index it in search results. This eventually helps in giving a better ranking position to the website.

Proper coding: Coding of your website must be up to date with the latest standards, as it is one of the search engine’s ranking factors. Hence you need to regularly check and update your code with the latest standards.

Submission: To make a website index by Google, proper submission is needed so that it can be added to their indexing process. This will help in gaining a higher rank which ultimately helps in drawing more traffic to your website.

Business analysis: The company that you intend to hire for SEO should take a thorough look at your business model and accordingly suggest changes in the website so that it can perform well on all parameters. This will help in making the site more user-friendly and easy navigation which eventually helps you gain a higher rank.

Social bookmarking: It is one of the most popular ways for getting a higher ranking. The company should have a strong presence on all prominent social bookmarking sites so that it can bring more traffic to your site and help in increasing its rank.

Website optimization: It is a process that includes analyzing each and every page of your website with respect to various parameters including- load speed, content, etc., and make necessary changes for a better user experience.

Conversion rate optimization: To increase the conversion rate of your site, it must be made more customer-friendly as well as should provide exactly what is expected by the users. This also helps in drawing more traffic to your website and ultimately results in higher revenue generation.

Content optimization: Content is one of the most important parts of your website as it helps in bringing more traffic. Hence you must ensure that content on your site is unique and relevant to users so that they spend their time on your site which eventually helps in increasing the site’s rank.

Video optimization: It also plays a vital role for increasing the ranking. If you have videos on your site then it should be well optimized so that there is no compromise with its quality. This will help in increasing the conversion rate of the website.

Site speed: loading time of your site should also be less so that users do not go to other sites if they find your site slow. This ultimately results in more traffic on your site.

Social promotion: If you have a good social presence then it will help in increasing the rank of your website as well as bring more traffic. You should also encourage users to share posts on various social networking sites so that they can easily reach out to a maximum number of users.

Negative SEO: It is always advised to check your site for any signs of negative SEO so that you can take appropriate measures to eliminate them. This will ensure the safety of your website, as it might get banned otherwise.

Keyword research: It is one of the most important parts of SEO which should always be done for optimization purposes.

On-Page SEO: On-Page SEO also plays a vital role in improving the rank of your website.

Off Page SEO: The company should have a strong presence on all off-page search engine optimization techniques so that it can bring more traffic to your site and ultimately help you in getting a better ranking.

Competitor research: It is a must for any SEO expert to know about his rivals in order to stay ahead of them.

DMCA: You must make sure that there are no copyright issues on your site for better ranking. It is also advisable to check whether you are using any content from other sites without their permission.

IPR infringement: Checking whether there is an issue with respect to industrial property rights is also an important part of SEO.

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