As an adventure lover, I know how trying something new for the first time can be thrilling and scary at the same time. The adrenaline rush you get from even just thinking about it is the best feeling out there. But, what I also know is that we need to be prepared for everything that can be expected on our journey of adventure. Trekking, camping or glamping, water activities, parasailing, skiing, and a variety of other electrifying adventures are all exciting, but they all carry some risk, some more than others.

Same goes for camping. It is exciting and thrilling but you need to be prepared for everything from a bad weather to an animal attack! Relax, I didn’t mean to scare you, just read my guide and you’ll know what to do when you go camping.

First, let’s go through the camping essentials you’ll need.


When planning such journeys, you should invest the most of your money on a tent because it, my friend, is your shelter. if you want to keep it budget friendly, you can borrow it from a friend or get it on rent.

It is very important to choose the appropriate camping tent for your stay. I mean the size of the tent when I say “appropriate tent.” Consider the number of people (or pets) that will be staying with you while selecting a tent. Personally, i would want you to get a tent that is larger than you require so that you can enjoy the extra space. You can also get a pop up tent to get rid of the headache of setting it up.

A word of advice: before going camping, practice setting up the tent in your backyard or living room. You’d want to have as much of this as possible!

You can also set your car up for the stay and make a car tent. You can use you backseat to carry your gear and decorate the trunk with fairy lights and stuff to enjoy your leisure time with your loved ones.

Sleeping Pad

A nice sleeping pad is the next thing you should really have. A sleeping pad serves as a cushion as well as a barrier between you and the ground. Sleeping pads are rated using R-value, a statistic that assesses the level of insulation and warmth. An R-value of 2 to 2.5 should suffice for a starter. For tent campers, I offer a more cushioned inflating pad. I’m sure your back will appreciate it afterwards!

Sleeping Bag

We all understand the importance of having a sleeping bag! The most important factors to consider while selecting one are rainfall and humidity. When camping, I recommend using a three-season sleeping bag with some ventilation! in warm weather, you can just lie on top of it for increased comfort!

Kitchen utensils

You don’t need much, but a simple cutting board for slicing, some plates, a cup, and spoons etc are plenty for an outdoor journey. Also, a two-burner propane camp stove is the perfect basic camp stove for cooking meals and making coffee in the morning! Don’t forget to carry a lighter and some fuel canisters, and try it out before you go.

We are done talking about the main items that should be in your must-have list. Apart from that, think about your own needs and pack accordingly. Like, you can grab some extra warm clothes or blanket if you get cold easily, or get yourself instant coffee for your lazy mornings, bring a clothesline in case you need to dry your clothes etc.

Now, we’ll talk about the tips you need for your stay. I am about to give you some tips regarding your, let’s be a little dramatic here, SURVIVAL at the camping site!

Check the weather forecast

Though it is not always accurate, you still need to get an idea and know what to expect on the campsite.

Always plan for bad weather

  • Enough warm clothes
  • A warm cap
  • Raincoat
  • Sun protection

Take a first aid kit

I really hope and wish you don’t need it, but what’s wrong with a little preparation?

Entertainment should come first

Books, board games, cards, and outdoor activities are all ideas for keeping yourself busy while camping.

The Nature Call

Bring toilet paper in a sealable bag because there may not always be a facility accessible on the campgrounds. Choose a remote location distant from any water supply when nature calls (to avoid contaminating natural resources). Then dig a small hole, get on with your business, and cover it up. Do not dispose of toilet paper in the woods, no matter how tempting it may sound. Yes, most tissues are labelled biodegradable, but the process takes time, so bring a second sealable bag to store dirty tissues until you find a proper trash container.

Remember to keep a watch on your valuables

Unfortunately, there are opportunistic people in the vicinity, so keep a look out for your goods. Use great caution and never leave anything unattended. If you’re leaving the campground for the day, take your valuables with you.

Take wet wipes

You may or may not find water to clean yourself and showers usually couldn’t be found in the wilderness, it’s better to bring some wet wipes to make yourself feel clean and hygienic. Remember, try not to pollute the area by throwing those wipes everywhere.

Don’t mess with Mother Nature

Enjoy, have fun, cook meals, dance, sing, read, but DON’T, I repeat, DON’T mess make the place dirty. Dispose your trash like a good citizen and a nature lover. If you don’t find a place for your trash there, keep it in a sealed bag and dispose it off later.

Whatever degree of preparation you put into your camping trip, something unexpected will happen. The one thing you should constantly keep in mind is your positive outlook. Go with the flow, take in the beauty and sounds of nature, and create new memories in the woods.

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