U-haul is a truck that can be rented at many locations. It costs $0.99 and for long distances, it charges around $1.60 per mile. It also charges a drop fee of around $20.00 from the starting point which varies from location to location.


What happens if I return my Uhaul late?

U-haul charges a late fee of $10.00 if you return it after 12:30 AM on the day that your reservation was due to end. It is highly recommended that you read the terms and conditions before renting a u-haul as they also have a ‘no show’ policy wherein they charge an additional 100$ which you should keep in mind before you keep the truck for more than 2 hours after your reservation is supposed to end. Click here for more information on u – haul terms.

Can I extend my Uhaul reservation?

If you need to extend your reservation, then it is recommended that you confirm with the location whether they can allow an extension. If yes, then this will cost around $20.00 and if not, then you will be charged for a new order which should ideally start 1-2 hours before the original reservation ends.

Can I cancel my u-haul reservation?

If you need to cancel a reservation, then it is recommended that you tell the location as soon as possible so that they can help someone else. Your card will be refunded if your cancellation request was received 24 hours before your scheduled pickup time but refunds take longer for those who cancel their reservations later than this. Click here to know more about u-haul cancellation policies.

What does the u-haul insurance cover?

U-haul offers a $0 deductible collision damage waiver which means th

at you do not need to pay anything in case of any damages caused while using its trucks. Click here for more details on U-Haul rental truck insurance.

Does u-haul have a senior discount?

Yes, u-haul offers 10% off to those who are over the age of 65. However, this discount does not apply to all discounts and may not be combined with other special offers. More information on U-Haul’s Senior Discounts & Specials.

Does u-haul have military discount?

Yes, u-haul offers 10% off to those who are in the military. However, this discount does not apply to all discounts and may not be combined with other special offers. Click here for more information on U-Haul’s Senior Discounts & Specials.

How does my u-haul truck earn money for me?

The trucks that u-haul provides you with can be used to deliver items and earn money for yourself. You simply need to sign up on the craigslist website and create ads. If your ad is found and someone rents it, then you will receive a notification that lets you know about your earnings and how much time is left before the truck is returned.

What happens if you don’t pay your U Haul bill?

If you don’t make your U Haul bill, then it will be marked delinquent and sent to collections. It is always recommended that you pay your u haul bills on time so that they do not result in any late fees or penalties.

How can I save money on Uhaul?

To save money on U Haul, you should always try and avoid paying the drop-off fee which is charged if you return the truck more than a day after your reservation. You can also use Ibotta to get cashback for shopping at u-haul.

How do I contact u haul customer service?

To contact u-haul customer service, you should ideally call the customer support number on the back of your credit/debit card. Alternatively, you can also try and call them at their corporate office which is open Monday through Friday between 9 am to 5 pm.

What is u haul’s phone number?

U-haul’s customer support number is 1-800-864-2881. It is highly recommended that you call them at this number for a better customer care experience as their other numbers are manned by automated assistants who might not have all the information which you need.

What do I have to do if my Uhaul truck breaks down?

You must contact U-Haul via phone immediately if your truck breaks down. They will come to your location and fix the issue so you can continue your journey.

Does Uhaul have a shuttle service?

Yes, U-Haul does have a shuttle service which they might provide if you are renting equipment for moving or transportation purposes. You should contact them via phone or visit their website to know whether they are providing the shuttle service or not.

Where can I find u haul locations near me?

You can visit U-Haul’s website to check where their nearest location is. Alternatively, you can also contact them on their phone number and mention your location so that they redirect you to the closest U-Haul location.

Does u haul charge for pre-order?

Yes, U-haul charges $35 as a pre-order fee which will need to be paid when placing an order online. You can however avoid this fee by visiting the store and ordering there.

Can I add mileage costs after pick up?

No, you cannot add mileage costs to your final bill after you have completed your pick-up. You will need to take the truck back within 24 hours and pay for an additional day if you want to extend your rental period.

What forms of payment does u haul accept?

U-haul accepts cash, checks, debit/credit cards (American Express, Discover Card, Master Card & Visa), and U-Haul credit. They also accept money orders, but these will need to be made out for the exact amount of your bill and can only be bought at a retail location near you.

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