The answer is not very cheap. There are several reasons why people wonder how much does it cost to declaw a cat, but there are also many reasons why most vets offer other options instead of declawing.

Declawing Cats A quick online search for how much does it cost to declaw a cat brings up several different results. The average price ranges from $600-$1800, but costs for this procedure vary depending on where you live, the clinic or veterinarian doing the procedure, and other factors.

Why Declawing Cats Is Not Recommended?

Since cats need their claws to properly stretch and exercise their muscles, it is advised that you do not take this option. Declawing can also affect your cat’s temperament negatively. It could make them more likely to bite or become anti-social. This surgery may also cause lifelong physical problems for your pet such as arthritis because they would be unable to walk normally if they no longer have their claws.

Alternatives to Declawing Cats

There are several alternatives to declawing cats that you may want to consider before deciding on having this surgery done. The first is trimming your cat’s nails regularly. Although it isn’t easy, most kitties will tolerate some nail trimming with a little patience and some tasty treats. Another option is scratching posts. Scratching, just like grooming or even nail trimming, is instinctual for your cat and their claws are an essential part of the process.

There are also some less conventional alternatives including covering furniture with sticky tape, double-sided tape, large pieces of duct tape, or aluminum foil so that your cat will lose interest in the furniture altogether.

Cats are also able to wear nail caps, but these don’t seem to work for all cats.

Declawing Cats Should Not Be Your First Option

Make sure that you understand this is a permanent solution and once it is done there is no going back, so make sure this is what you want before going through with the surgery. Although there are many reasons why cats need their claws, it is advised that you don’t amputate them because your cat might not be as content and happy as they once were.

Do most vets still declaw cats?

Yes. Despite the negative connotation that this procedure may have, many vets still perform it and most will offer you an alternative to declawing such as spaying and neutering your pet to avoid scratching.

How much is declawing a cat?

Many would be surprised at how little this surgery costs when done by a good vet, but it is still more expensive than the alternatives.

What are some negative side effects of declawing a cat?

One of the most common negative reactions to declawing your cat is pain. The cat’s feet will also be very tender and sore, much like when you get a pedicure. Cats may become more aggressive because they’ve lost this instinct to defend themselves with their claws. Declawing might also affect your cat’s ability to walk normally once it is healed.

Is it too late to declaw my cat?

It is never too late to choose an alternative to declawing, and you must do so. Declawing might also cause your kitty to be in pain for the rest of their life which means they will need more love and care than ever before.

Why do declawed cats paw at furniture?

After the surgery, cats need to take care of their newly shortened nails. Keeping them filed down will be challenging but it is possible with lots of patience and some kitty treats.

What happens if a cat’s claw comes off?

This will happen quite often because the new claw that is growing in will push off the old one. If it doesn’t fall out on its own, you will need to take your cat to the vet if the claw has broken off near the base.

Why do cats try to pull their claws out?

Un-declawed cats might try to pull their claws out because they are in pain. Even if it’s not broken, the cat will feel some discomfort after declawing so it may attempt to remove its claw by pulling.

Is declawing illegal?

No, but it is starting to become increasingly less common due to all its negative side effects.

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