Shadow of the Tomb Raider is one of the biggest games of 2018. It has been widely praised for its achievements in narrative, design, and gameplay. The game is currently available for PS4, Xbox One, and PC platforms.

Shadow of the Tomb Raider follows Lara Croft on her first and most ambitious adventure to date. The game starts off where the previous Tomb Raider left off, we find Lara on top of a mountain, taking in the sites of Mexico City, now in ruins. She has just destroyed an ancient Mayan artifact that was threatening to bring humanity into a new world-ending apocalypse.

The game is divided into three gameplay sections: Overworld, Exploring, and Core Gameplay (which includes the vast majority of the main missions). The whole game can be finished in 15-20 hours, with all the side missions included.

Connected to the game is the “Path of Genesis” mode – a free multiplayer experience that can be downloaded on PS4 and Xbox One stores. This is where players can test their skills by taking on special challenges involving combat, exploration, hunting, and puzzle-solving. On October 4, 2018, a new DLC was released for Shadow of the Tomb Raider: The Forge.

The storyline and Main Missions

As previously mentioned the game is divided into three sections: Overworld, Exploring, and Core Gameplay. In the first section, we can see that there aren’t any missions to be completed or collectibles to find. This part of the game is more focused on the narrative, which is set in Mexico City. During this section, players are free to explore at their own pace – either by foot or using one of the many vehicles available in this part of the game.

The main missions are plenty and they all revolve around finding a mysterious key that can activate an ancient machine. This is where Lara Croft finds herself in conflict with her usual enemies: Trinity and the Remnants.

After an intense and epic journey, players will eventually reach the Heart of the Mayan World. There they will find out what this key is all about and why the devil is so interested in it. The primary antagonist in this game is a Mayan god called the ruler of the underworld – Camazotz. Camazotz has been cursed by several ancient artifacts that were torn apart and scattered across Mexico.

The curse broke his connection to his place in the Mayan underworld, but he can still see it through all of the small pieces of those artifacts. Lara’s ultimate goal is to find and reassemble the cursed pieces so that Camazotz can be sent back where he belongs.


Once players have finished exploring Mexico City in the Overworld section, it’s time to move on and explore both natural and urban environments via 4×4 vehicles. This part of the game is also where players will be introduced to some of the main characters in this part of the story, such as Jonah Maiava.

During these sections, players can collect and find all kinds of resources and materials that they can use to upgrade their weapons and equipment. Additionally, there are several puzzles that Lara has to solve in order to access new areas. The only enemies in this part of the game are animal wildlife and Trinity groups, who stay within their base camps.

Core Gameplay

This is where most of the action takes place and it can take up to 15 hours or more to complete all main missions. Players will be encouraged to use stealth tactics during these sections of the game in order to surprise and take out their enemies with ease.

Once players have managed to assassinate all the guards in an area they can move on and progress through the mission objectives. There are also several puzzles that Lara has to solve using her equipment which is not only useful when it comes to moving forward, but also stealthy assassinations (since she is equipped with a bow and arrow). All the enemies in this section of the game are Trinity soldiers who have been turned into mindless assassins.

New DLC – The Forge

A new piece of downloadable content for this game was released on October 4, 2018. This new content is mostly combat based and it’s designed to help players “level up” their abilities. This piece of DLC is for those who love playing online Co-op mode since it involves teaming up with 4 players and taking on bigger waves of enemies that are coming out from The Forge itself.

This section of the game takes place in Siberia Russia where Lara Croft finds an underground bunker belonging to a secret organization with ties to her father. This secret bunker contains information that can help players discover the true purpose of The Forge.

As the name suggests, the game takes place in Mexico, most specifically in and around Mexico City, where Lara Croft is on a mission to find an ancient key that has the power to activate an ancient machine called the Forge of Life. As soon as Lara arrives in Mexico, things start to go wrong and Trinity (the corporation that is after the key) tries to stop her from reaching her destination.

The biggest challenges in this game are an ice fortress full of dangerous enemies and secret underground areas where players face off against even more enemies. It’s up to them to unlock the mysteries of The Forge.

In Shadow of the Tomb Raider Lara Croft has always been known for her incredible beauty, but she also has a taste for danger and that’s what makes this game special. She is determined on finding this ancient artifact no matter what it takes. This is why she will have to fight several enemy soldiers in order to succeed and move on. However, unlike in most adventure games where players would simply shoot them, they have to use the environment and explore their surroundings in order to be stealthy and assassinate them without anyone knowing what’s going on.

There are several secret areas that Lara has to discover in order to find clues about what happened with her father. To make things even more dangerous, Trinity soldiers are also present throughout the game, trying to stop players from reaching their destination.

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