Imax (short for Image MAXimum) and RPX are both large-format terms used to describe film projection systems. But they are not the same thing.

RPX is an offshoot of IMAX, so if RPX theaters are showing RPX films, it makes sense that they are using the same equipment. But there is a difference between the two film formats themselves.

IMAX uses 70 mm film to project an image approximately 20 feet by 60 feet on a huge, curved screen. The picture fills your field of vision and creates an immersive experience. Like the difference between looking out the window of a plane and actually being inside the plane.

RPX uses a slightly smaller, flexible film format to project images approximately 20 feet by 30 feet on screens that are not curved. The curved screen creates a more immersive viewing experience than RPX, but both formats are significantly larger than traditional theater screens.

What Is An RPX Movie Format?

RPX movie format is a 70mm-width film projection standard created by IMAX Corporation. It uses larger frames and a different aspect ratio than traditional systems in an effort to create higher-quality imagery.

In comparison, regular films are projected on 35mm screens which have been standardized for roughly 80 years.

Why Use RPX?

The larger film format provides a brighter, higher-resolution image with more vivid colors and greater detail.

In addition to these technical aspects, the use of RPX is intended to make the movie-going experience more enjoyable for audiences. Because it fills more of your field of vision on an IMAX-style curved screen, there’s a greater sense of immersion in the film.

What Is An Imax Movie Format?

IMAX (short for Image MAXimum) uses 70mm film to project images roughly 20 feet by 60 feet on a huge screen that is curved to fill your field of vision. This creates an immersive experience like the difference between looking out the window of a plane and actually being inside the plane. It’s like watching an IMAX film on your TV at home, only better.

IMAX is just one type of large-format film projection format available today, but it is by far the most popular and has really revolutionized moviegoing.

What Is Regal RPX Seating?

Regal RPX Seating is a special type of reserved seating that provides an enhanced movie-going experience. This can include:

-Row wider than traditional seats

-Easier access to the theater room (because there are no stairs)

-More legroom between rows

What 4DX means?

4DX is a type of movie-going experience that can include:

-Fog, bubbles, and snow falling from the ceiling

-A simulated wind machine blowing through the room

-Scents such as lavender or gunpowder added to the air during a film

-WCs flushing at appropriate times in an effort to make you feel like you’re in the movie

-Light strobes pulsing to the beat of explosions and music during action scenes

-Heaters aimed at your feet during cold scenes How does an RPX theater look like? Depending on location, an RPX theater could have anything from 300 to 600 seats. A regular movie theater has around 200 seats. Because there are fewer seats in an RPX theater, the number of aisles is reduced. This reduces the distance patrons need to walk when entering and exiting, which can be useful for people with physical disabilities or limited mobility.

Is 4DX Good?

Personally, I enjoy 4DX because it adds to the total movie-going experience. However, 4DX isn’t for everyone. The special effects can be over-stimulating for some people and there are mixed opinions on the helpfulness of some features (ie: WCs flushing during a film).

Do You Need 3D Glasses For 4DX?

You don’t, but you can enjoy 4DX more if you do. See below for details on 3D glasses. How many movies are shown in Imax format? Only a few movies are actually shot in IMAX format. An IMAX theater features film projection equipment with special lenses and screens. Almost all feature films (currently 99%) are filmed using standard 35mm film. Only one or two feature films are usually released in IMAX format each year. However, some TV shows and documentaries that were recorded with IMAX cameras are also shown at IMAX theaters because the special screens can display both types of footage equally well.

Is Imax 3D?

No. Regular movies and TV shows are shot in 3D and then shown in regular 2D format. IMAX shoots their own film with IMAX cameras, but the footage isn’t actually available in 3D – only traditional 35mm format is possible.

Which Is The Best Seat In Cinema Hall?

No seat is better than any other, although some are definitely worse. Keep in mind that RPX seats are reserved while the theater fills up. If you’re concerned about seeing the entire screen without obstruction or being close to the action during an action scene, you may want to arrive early.

Is Regal Movie Ticket More Expensive?

No. Regal Entertainment Group is the largest movie theater chain in America, so their tickets are competitively priced compared to other theaters. This means you can get a better deal by shopping around. Regal’s prices are often lower than independent theaters and sometimes lower than even Cinemark’s discounted rates for online sales.

Do You need 4DX Glasses For RPX?

Probably not. Because Regal RPX seats are reserved, the majority of theaters will already have your seat picked out when you arrive. The few theaters that don’t use this technology will likely give you a voucher instead, which can be redeemed at the concession stand during normal business hours for 4DX glasses if desired.

Regal RPX – Changes To Regular Theater Presentation?

In general, the only noticeable difference is that there are fewer aisles. This can be helpful if you have physical disabilities or limited mobility. Also some theaters have headphones available on request instead of 4DX glasses for those who have trouble seeing 3D effects.

Is There A 5D Cinema?

There is no such thing as a 5D cinema. This seems to be a typo made by one of the companies promoting special effects theaters.

What Is 3D/4D 5D 6D 7D?

3D/4D/5D/6D/7D theaters use special film and projectors to create a more immersive experience. This isn’t the same as 3D glasses worn by patrons in standard 2D screenings.

When Is 4DX Open?

In general, 4DX theaters are open from 10 AM until at least 10 PM, sometimes later. Some locations are open 24 hours a day (such as the Regal theater at L.A. Live). There are also increased hours during event weekends (ie: midnight screenings around new film releases).

What Is LOD BIM?

LOD BIM stands for Level of Detail Building Information Modeling. It is an advanced type of architectural design software used to create realistic models of buildings and other structures.

Is LOD BIM Real Time Rendering?

LOD BIM uses real-time global illumination algorithms to mimic the effects of natural light on a virtual structure even when viewed from different angles. These algorithms are not yet real-time – ie: fast enough to provide an uninterrupted video stream. Current LOD BIM is better suited for use in still images and presentations than live streaming over the internet.

Can You Buy Tickets Online With LOD BIM?

Many theaters offer some form of online ticketing, though not all of them work with LOD BIM. There is no requirement to purchase tickets online, however it’s usually the only way to ensure entry if the theater reaches capacity. You can also contact your local theater via email or telephone to ask about their ticketing policies.

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